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Q) What is the allowed minimum square footage of a home?
A) 1,800 square feet excluding the garage. Garage must be of a size appropriate for a minimum of two cars.

Q) What are the building setbacks on a custom home?
A) Front and rear are 25 ft. excluding Payne Canyon which has a 10 ft. rear setback. Side setbacks are 5 ft. for one story or 7 ft. for a two-story home. You may have up to a zero setback on the rear of your property if it backs up to common area at the ARC discretion.

Q) How long do I have to build?
A) There is no timeline to begin construction. Once construction begins, the home must be completed within 1 year.

Q) May I use any builder?
A) You may use any builder of your choice.

Q) What is the approval process to begin building?
A) Complete plans, application and fees must be approved by the ARC prior to beginning construction. Currently the ARC meets the first and third Wednesday of each month and plans must be received 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Contact the ARC manager to answer any questions prior to submittal to the ARC.

Q) May I build more than one structure on my homesite?
A) No. All garages shall be connected to the main house by a roof or screen or be part of the house structure. No outbuildings are permitted.

Q) May I put a manufactured home on the homesite?
A) No.

Q) What are the landscaping requirements?
A) Landscaping must be completed within one year of the completion of construction. All landscaping plans must be approved by the ARC prior to installation. The ARC office has further details on planting zones and recommended/native plants.

Q) May I have a fence on my property?
A) Fences must be designed to appear as an extension of the architecture of the home with matching materials. Perimeter fencing is not allowed. Any enclosures require approval of the ARC.

Q) May I park a boat, motor home, etc. in my driveway?
A) Motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, certain trucks and boats shall not be kept, placed, maintained or parked for more than 48 hours on any portion of the community except in enclosed garages.

Q) May I have a wood burning stove?
A) Yes

Q) May we have an outdoor fire pit?
A) No outdoor wood burning is permitted however, fire pits using natural gas fuel and/or other non-combustible material simulated logs are permitted.

Q) Are pets and/or dog runs allowed?
A) Dogs, cats or other such household pets are allowed. Pets, when not indoors, shall be leashed or under the positive control of the owner at all times. Dog runs are allowed with approval of the ARC. All dog runs must appear as an extension of the home.

Q) May I have a satellite?
A) Satellites are allowed. Contact the ARC office for approval of size and location.

Q) May I have a security light?
A) Only down-lighting is permitted and only upon approval of the ARC. Flood lights are not permitted. Lighting should be kept to a minimum to protect the night sky and only enough to provide safe traverse of steps and paths.